Editorial services are helpful when you can no longer “see” your journal article. You might want to improve the flow and clarity of your fellowship application. Perhaps you need help organizing your book, or are struggling to make your grant proposal stand out from the crowd. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you may benefit from the careful review of a keen editorial eye.

We can work together at two stages: when your manuscript is ready to be polished, and when you need developmental assistance.


Polishing is most appropriate for manuscripts that are well shaped but need some final tweaks. With this level of edit, I’ll help you finalize your manuscript so you can focus on your next writing project. I offer two levels of polishing: light and medium editing. (More)


Developmental assistance helps you organize and refine your ideas before you start writing or when you are early in your writing process. It’s designed to save you time down the road. We can work together to conceptualize your project, refine an outline organize your manuscript, and prioritize your efforts. I can also offer feedback on an early draft, helping you shape your final manuscript.

With developmental assistance, you get an interested generalist who asks insightful questions. We’ll break your project down into a series of smaller sub-projects, removing the stress of a last-minute rush to meet your deadline. I offer developmental editing for two types of projects: books and grant proposals. (More)


I have a Master’s of Science from the Harvard School of Public Health, and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Chinese Literature from the University of California, Berkeley. I have worked with hundreds of academics across the world, including many non-native English speakers. My specialty is public health and health care, particularly research that focuses on health systems or marginalized communities. I have also worked on projects that range from social work to anthropology to business. No matter where you are in your writing process, get in touch for a customized assessment.


Jessica is a gifted editor who can turn around comments very quickly without losing her thoughtful touch.

-Emily Mendenhall, medical anthropology scholar