Jessica is a gifted editor who can turn around comments very quickly without losing her thoughtful touch.

Emily Mendenhall, medical anthropology scholar

Jessica has been the perfect editor to support me as I convert my dissertation into a book readable by a wide range of audiences. She is deftly capable of editing both chapters-long narrative arcs and telling me when and how to use commas, dashes, and semicolons. Like any newly-minted PhD, I was intimidated by a writing process that was more engaged that anything I had done. But Jessica’s ability to envision a final product in a way that I, as a young author, could not, greatly increased my confidence as a writer.

While I wanted the book to advance discussions on immigration policy and health, I also wanted it to be narratively engaging, character driven, and, like the topic itself, emotional, human, real. Jessica understands the value of stories, even in theoretical health writing.

In short, I could not recommend Jessica Yen highly enough to any author desiring professionalism, vision, a careful editorial eye, and a deep understanding of health theory. Thanks Jessica!

William Lopez, public health scholar

Jessica’s strong grant writing skills were invaluable for our organization as she helped us through a busy end of year fundraising period. She understood our mission and values quickly, and the grant she wrote was one we could be proud of. Best of all, our grant request was fully funded. Thanks Jessica!

Duncan Hwang, Associate Director, health justice organization

Jessica delivers terrific results. Her writing is clear and easy to understand. When she sends me documents to review I usually only need to make minor comments and adjustments, even when we’re collaborating on topics that are new to her.

Ariel Singer, former health care client

Jessica is a skilled writer with a sharp editorial sense. Her writing is consistently clear, eloquent, and a joy to read. As an editor she enriches every piece she touches with strong organization and attention to detail. Jessica is an absolute delight to work with and I would not hesitate to hire her in the future.

Haley Glen, Editor-in-Chief, consumer magazine

Proposal writers often specialize and subspecialize. Jessica brings deep general knowledge of health care and the safety net, along with first rate writing, editing and project management skills to jobs that would otherwise take two or three other sets of eyes and hands. She is an attentive listener who identifies key insights, rapidly synthesizes a diverse range of information, and she made thoughtful suggestions that completed and improved our final product.

She constantly exceeded my expectations, was a pleasure to work with, met her deadlines easily and on time and communicated clearly. I would not hesitate to hire Jessica again in the future.

Pancho Chang, Chief Operating Officer, Federally Qualified Health Center