Jessica has been the perfect editor to support me as I convert my dissertation into a book readable by a wide range of audiences. She is deftly capable of editing both chapters-long narrative arcs and telling me when and how to use commas, dashes, and semicolons. Like any newly-minted PhD, I was intimidated by a writing process that was more engaged that anything I had done. But Jessica’s ability to envision a final product in a way that I, as a young author, could not, greatly increased my confidence as a writer.

While I wanted the book to advance discussions on immigration policy and health, I also wanted it to be narratively engaging, character driven, and, like the topic itself, emotional, human, real. Jessica understands the value of stories, even in theoretical health writing.

In short, I could not recommend Jessica Yen highly enough to any author desiring professionalism, vision, a careful editorial eye, and a deep understanding of health theory. Thanks Jessica!